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Take a look at our Membership page, determine which membership level is right for you, and choose your method of payment. Options are to use PayPal (our preferred method) or to send in a bank check or money order, along with a letter containing your full legal name, address, date of birth, phone number, and desired membership level. Once payment is received, we will email you a Terms of Service and Membership Agreement for you to sign and return (the signature page) to us. After that, we will send your login info and Voila! You’re ready to go!

Yes, you may mail a bank check or money order (personal checks are NOT accepted) through the U.S. Postal Service; please note that membership will be made active upon receiving payment and signed documents

PayPal is a secured, third-party monetary transaction company that encrypts your sensitive financial information so the only person who can see it is you. This allows for a safer, more secured way to accept payment from our songwriters.


PayPal is a secured, third-party monetary transaction company that encrypts your sensitive financial information so the only person who can see it is you. This allows for a safer, more secured way to accept payment from our songwriters.

A member will submit their songs through Dropbox, a free, file-sharing service. You must become a member in order to submit your songs. After uploading your song into your Dropbox folder, you will then send us an email with your lyrics and notifying us of your submission.

Members may upgrade their memberships at any time during their membership period. Simply send an email request to with your name, current membership level, and desired membership level. We will then invoice you the difference in dues between the two membership levels. If you joined by using our alternative payment method, then simply send us your request (with name, current and desired membership levels) and payment via any postal service.

FLSW gold membership costs $200 per year, Platinum Membership $300, Diamond membership $450, and Lifetime membership $2,500.00 (12 months from the date you join). FLSW membership is inclusive of all FLSW services including studio and sponsor discounts, free song evaluation, one – on – one mentoring sessions, Exclusive free access to all FLSW events, Exclusive free access to the FLSW annual songwriting competition, Access to FLSW licensing pitches and publishing partner for Diamond and Lifetime members only. The marketplace value for all the services included in your membership is well over $2,000. As a not-for-profit organization, FLSW does not refund membership fees.

Getting your songs published through a successful publishing company is a process; a series of steps that requires knowledge and preparation. Focus on writing the best songs you can, getting better at your craft, learn all you can about the music business, and plug yourself into the songwriting and music industry community. Due to legal issues, publishers cannot take unsolicited material, material from someone they don’t know or that they didn’t request. FLSW publishing partner Digital 1 Media Services will accept submissions from FLSW members only who purchased the Diamond and Lifetime membership. Publishers do have their own staff writers and the only other sources that they will take songs from are known or legitimate sources like FLSW. The first steps simplified would be to: 1) Join FLSW 2) Join one of the performing rights organizations (ASCAP/BMI/SESAC) 3) Invest in music business books that deal with publishing to get acquainted with how it works. Publishers will require complete songs (words and music). Make certain that when you get an opportunity to play your song for a publisher, your song is complete and competitive in the marketplace.

Many professional songwriters don’t copyright songs until they begin earning income. The reason is both cost and time involved. Non-professionals often copyright their songs due to fear of infringement (their songs being stolen). Again, this can be expensive, but if it makes you feel comfortable, you can always exercise that option by visiting

The primary role of a PRO is to collect and distribute performance royalties on your behalf. Each PRO also has “membership representatives” that assist with songwriters and composers who are trying to become professionals. Once you have competitive songs that may begin earning income, you will want to examine the PROs and each of their contracts. They are each a little different and which one is best for a particular writer depends on that writer.

There are a lot of great songs out there and songwriting is incredibly competitive. Publishers are looking for types of songs that they don’t already have in their catalog, or songs already earning income. Many top publishers are not looking for songs at all—they are looking for songwriters. The more that you utilize our services such as song evaluations and pitch to publisher workshops you will be able to get multiple opinions. If your songs stand out consistently, we will notify Digital 1 Media Services publishing division to consider your song for submission. The more you utilize your FLSW services and stay on our radar and the radar of those music industry members who work with us, the more likely you are to EARN a fruitful publisher meeting. Success in the music industry should be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint.

Yes, we are a 501 (c) (3) not – for – profit corporation.  We do accept donations to help us grow FLSW organization.

Yes, we will provide to you a FLSW letter stating you have donated to FLSW and you will be able to send that to the IRS for tax purposes.

To help the creative minds, including songwriters from all genres of music, professional and amateur, who are committed to protecting the rights and future of the profession of songwriting.

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