Melbourne, FL, February 10, 2021,– The Florida Songwriters Association is gearing up to offer an online workshop Saturday, April 17, 2021 that will help passionate songwriters learn and sharpen their songwriting skills. Florida Songwriters Association promotes creativity and welcomes songwriters from all genres of music and skill levels. From professional to amateurs, the Florida Songwriters Association is committed to educational growth and protecting the rights within the songwriting profession.

For their first official virtual workshop of 2021, attendees will learn the latest techniques used by today’s songwriters from our talented panel of keynote speakers, which includes Billy Chapin, Serona Elton, Deborah Wolf, Pat O’Connor, and Michael Epstein. Attendees will gain insights from our speakers, who are industry professionals with many experiences to share. Their extraordinary backgrounds provide the necessary tools to unlock the full creative process that enhances authentic songwriting. This workshop will offer a full breakdown of critical subjects, including digital mechanical royalties, music supervision, music publishing, intellectual property, and the Recording Academy for Artists.

With a dedication to motivating and educating the next generation of songwriters, the Florida Songwriters Association is proud to provide access to this incredible opportunity. The songwriting industry can be challenging to work through alone, but with proper guidance, your talent can be polished and perfected for greater possibilities. With sessions that guide you to make decisions based on your strengths, as well as motivate you to elevate your craft further, there is no limit to the knowledge you can unveil to use towards future projects. Producing meaningful songwriting that fosters passion and resonates with an audience is a powerful tool. Learn how you can do the same, while meeting like-minded individuals who are equally passionate for the art of songwriting.


Florida Songwriters Association, Inc. 501 (c) (3) Non–For–Profit is dedicated to motivating and educating both aspiring and professional songwriters throughout the State of Florida and beyond. Our team consists of talented songwriters from every genre of music and range from novice amateurs to established professionals in the industry. Together, we work with writers who are committed to protecting the rights and the future of the songwriting profession. Members have access to one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry professionals, free sync licensing pitches and publishing opportunities, free song evaluations, and exclusive access to educational materials focused on the songwriting industry.


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