Getting your songs published through a successful publishing company is a process; a series of steps that requires knowledge and preparation. Focus on writing the best songs you can, getting better at your craft, learn all you can about the music business, and plug yourself into the songwriting and music industry community. Due to legal issues, publishers cannot take unsolicited material, material from someone they don’t know or that they didn’t request. FLSW publishing partner Digital 1 Media Services will accept submissions from FLSW members only who purchased the Diamond and Lifetime membership. Publishers do have their own staff writers and the only other sources that they will take songs from are known or legitimate sources like FLSW. The first steps simplified would be to: 1) Join FLSW 2) Join one of the performing rights organizations (ASCAP/BMI/SESAC) 3) Invest in music business books that deal with publishing to get acquainted with how it works. Publishers will require complete songs (words and music). Make certain that when you get an opportunity to play your song for a publisher, your song is complete and competitive in the marketplace.

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