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Do Your Homework!
Learn what it takes to be a songwriter. Not just how to write songs, but how to protect your works as well. Learn the business…what it means to be represented by a publisher and what are your rights. Register with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) and do your research on how the business works. This will go a long way when dealing with industry professionals.

Florida Songwriters Association is a collaboration of several companies in the industry. We all share the common goal of helping to further educate, motivate, and elevate songwriters. Below is a short bio on each of the companies:

Veal-Steen Music Publishing, a division of LGN Entertainment Distribution Inc., is a premier independent music publisher, licensing, royalty collection, publishing administration, and music placement company. From our office in Downtown Melbourne, Florida, Veal-Steen manages a portfolio of over 4,000 song copyrights, spanning from all genres of popular music. www.vealsteen.com


KDS Music Studios is a world-class music production and rehearsal complex located in Orlando Florida. KDS is one of the few American recording studios that have contributions on over 200 million R.I.A.A. certified records sold worldwide. www.kdsmusicstudios.com  


The Florida-based LGN Entertainment will offer A&R, digital and traditional marketing, PR, radio promotion and distribution by INgrooves Fontana. LGN Entertainment was launched to augment the efforts of Artists, by offering a suite of services that includes, production, marketing, radio promotion, publishing, physical and digital distribution, synchronization, and compilation licensing. Depending on the specific needs of each release, LGN Entertainment will assure a well thought out and well supported campaign. Our goal is release full-length quality albums by Artists who are driven to succeed in todays market. http://www.vealsteen.com/#/pages/pub/


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