This policy will serve as a governing document for all members of Florida Songwriters Association, Inc., hereafter referred to as FLSW. FLSW Executives, Employees, and/or Contracted professionals will hereafter be referred to as, FLSW Representative(s). All members of FLSW, to which these guidelines will apply, will hereafter be referred to as Members.

By applying for membership, each applicant is agreeing to abide by FLSW membership guidelines for conduct. These guidelines are the laws for how FLSW will govern and discipline conduct by each and every Member, and they apply at all times, for the term of the individual membership(s).

1) When using the FLSW web site, in its entirety, the Member will act within legal state and federal laws and guidelines for internet use, with respect and honesty to FLSW, FLSW Representatives, and its Members, and will abide by the Terms of Use policy for the FLSW web site.

2) Member agrees to accept all evaluations as constructive criticism, at all times giving due respect to the FLSW Representative that provided the evaluation, and will refrain from using derogatory comments (in any language). Member must sign the Song Evaluation Consent form and will abide by the process (as stated in the Terms of Service policy) for all song evaluations and mentoring sessions. Member agrees that if an FLSW Representative deems their behavior to be anything less than respectful, the FLSW Representative has the authority to terminate the mentoring session, log the events, and report the occurrence to the FLSW Executive team. Member also agrees to abide by the discipline that will be determined by the FLSW Executive team as a direct result from the aforementioned occurrence. The FLSW Executive team agrees to be fair and just in their determinations of discipline.

3) Member agrees to treat all FLSW Representatives and other Members with due respect and in accordance with all state and federal laws of the United States of America.

4) At all times, during the term of membership and at all FLSW sponsored events or otherwise, Member agrees to act in a professional, respectful, and cordial manner, abide by all state and federal laws, and refrain from using profanity and/or derogatory comments.

5) All Members must be at least 18 years of age. Members that are under 18 years of age, must submit permission by parent or guardian consenting to their membership in the organization.
6) With regards to membership, FLSW permits Member to upgrade their membership to a higher level. Member must send an email request (to info@flsw.org) with their name, current membership level, and desired membership level. FLSW will then invoice the Member the difference in the dues for the desired membership level. If the Member used the alternative payment method to join, then the Member only needs to send the request (with name, current membership, and desired membership) and payment via any postal service. FLSW does NOT permit downgrading memberships once enacted.

7) Membership transfers from person-to-person are NOT permitted by FLSW, for any reason, at any time. In addition, Member is NOT permitted to allow use of membership privileges by non-members, nor is Member permitted to allow another Member to use their login info when accessing the FLSW web site.

8) Memberships are for a term of one (1) year exactly (further defined as 365 days). The actual date of commencement will be upon receipt of all specified material: Signed Parental Consent Form (if applicable) and Payment in Full for desired membership level. No partial payments for membership will be accepted.

9) Member has the option to renew their membership at the end of the one (1) year term. In order to continue uninterrupted membership access, the Member must first send written notice to FLSW, via email or postal service, and then deliver full payment to FLSW BEFORE the end of the membership period. Once a membership reaches its end date of the one (1) year term, FLSW will cancel the membership and cease all Member Access to the FLSW web site and events. To reinstate a membership, a Member must go through the initial process of becoming a member.

10) All payments to FLSW, for memberships and/or FLSW sponsored events, will be made payable to Florida Songwriters Association, LLC. Payments for membership may be made through PayPal (preferred method of FLSW; requires Member must create an account with PayPal) or by bank check or money order. PERSONAL CHECKS AND/OR CASH PAYMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. ANY PERSONAL CHECKS RECEIVED WILL BE PROMPTLY DISPOSED OF AND MEMBER NOTIFIED OF SUCH ACTION, IF POSSIBLE.

11) When using a postal service to deliver all correspondence and/or payments to FLSW, Member agrees to do so using the following address:

Florida Songwriters Association, Inc.
1900 South Harbor City Boulevard
Suite 328
Melbourne, FL 32901

12) Member agrees to Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Payment and Refund Policy, and Privacy Policy.

13) Member understands that FLSW is an organization that strives to educate, motivate, and elevate its Members, but is in no way an entity providing legal or financial services or representation. Member understands that ALL resource material, song evaluations, and mentoring session material or advice provided by FLSW is intended to be used solely as a guide and is in NO WAY to be considered legal documentation or advice for the Member to use in legal and/or financial transactions, unless specifically stated as such. Member agrees that he/she will release, waive, indemnify, and hold harmless FLSW, its employees, board of directors, officers, attorneys, agents, other Members, and Representatives from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, and liabilities of any nature, known or unknown, for any legal or financial transactions that involve the Member (good or bad), except where those transactions involve FLSW membership or FLSW sponsored events AND involve a direct transaction between the Member and FLSW. Member understands that is the responsibility of the individual Member to seek professional legal and/or financial counsel before engaging in any and all legal and/or financial transactions. Member understands that FLSW welcomes any corrections by its Member(s) to any documentation provided in the resources available on the FLSW web site. FLSW reserves the right to review such requests for corrections, investigate the potential error, and make changes according to the findings of the FLSW Executive team.

14) Member agrees that FLSW reserves the right to make amendments to this Member Guidelines Policy and understands that FLSW will notify Member of any such changes.